Thursday, April 24, 2008

Steampunk Love

People have been asking me about the 'Free Play PC' Jaclina was playing with in my GGG comic/screenie post. It's about time I introduce you guys to my newest infatuation: Steampunk gadgets!

I got this off an awesome website by an equally awesome craftsman :) I suddenly wish I kept up my carpentry hobby T_T

And this is the CPU! The Victorian-style 'steampunk' parts are as functional as they are aesthetic! I wanted to find out more about this but the website/forum is in a different language :(

And then I found this!!! Gad, wouldn't I love to play Granado Espada in that! I just love how each and every part is so functional! Well, the closest I can get to that is to make a laptop skin, which I plan to do as soon as I get my other projects done and out of the way.

Red Carpet

(L-R)Caius feeling conscious, Helina somehow still surprised, and Roque hamming it up for the paparazzis as soon as they got off the 'Leon Limousine'!

I made this manipulated screenshot to commemorate our movie being featured in the International Animation Festival :) Thanks to all who supported our movie!

If you haven't watched the movie yet it's in youtube ^^

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


OMG! Blogspotted! Me!


Thanks CM Kaye! I'm glad you liked my post ^_^

"LOL no prob!
Took over blogspotting duties from Hrin, and got a little tired of always picking guides. Liked your post and Hrin agreed it was very cute, so KEEP IT UP!


Ooh, will post again when I check out my very own Item of the Month!

Nyarr! :3
Jaclina the Pirate

Thursday, April 3, 2008

April Fool's

There's an event ongoing from April 3-10 where you come up to the Events Support Soldier in Cite de Reboldeaux and answer all his questions incorrectly!

They sure offer the silliest answers XD

I played the daily maximum of 3 times. So I got 3 Liar's Soups! I tried one that says "worthless buff" and got Hrin's Touch! Whee! The other two are "Decrease HP in Bulk" and the other says "Increase SP in Bulk". We now know they're lies, but we still don't know what exactly is the truth XD

On the same day Sir Dan-Pierre bought me a Plait for my scout ^^

yuri twincest raeptiem lolz!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Girl Gamer Gathering aftermath

Going to Gamefrog was a leisurely walk for me ^^

Lady Veya greeted me at the door and hustled me in to register.

They quickly gave me the goodies ^^

Then they led me to an available PC to play GE for free!

Soon enough a staff member announced that dinner was served :)

Our crazy ideas lol!

We were introduced to Relly Carpio, who was covering the event for

At the end of the event I was offered free membership :D

Joy and Beany arrived late! I'm happy they came at all XD

Danfilo and Shin(with Beany) also arrived after the event. We proceeded to play G.E. while our wacky factionmates broadcast random stuff in Filipino gayspeak. The win moment was when other Pinoys joined in on the fun! ROFLMAO!

Epilogue: I found that the Bunny Ears can only be worn by basic characters (not RNPCs) so I lend it to my friends since ^^

Friday, March 28, 2008

Tribute to the Ladies

from L-R: Beanelli, Jaclina, Harunie and elemAnnetalist ;) Photo taken by Lord Azartras ^^

A Tribute to the Ladies

March 29, 2008
Gamefrog, Metrowalk

Entrance is free! Food drinks and other activities are on us! Limited slots only!
Send your full name & contact number via email: to confirm your reservation.

T-shirts for sale at P200 only!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bitfilm Festival 2008

Anhela La Venganza included in The Bitfilm Festival!

Bitfilm Festival 2008 - Celebrating Digital Film Culture

Showing the best digital films of this planet is our mission. The 9th Bitfilm Festival will kick of with a live event in Stuttgart, embedded into the International Animation Festival and the fmx/08. The closing event and Award Show will take place in Hamburg. All films will also be shown in our virtual capital Bitropolis.

... Oh my God, I'm just so happy we got in! Whee ^^

Thursday, March 20, 2008

GE Samaritans

I was doing the Ferrucio Yellow Box quest and ran all over Coimbra twice to find the box researcher in vain.

Yesh, I iz a losted kitteh :3

Google didn't help much. I found plenty of guides, sure, but no coordinates on the location of the guy IN Coimbra T_T come to think of it, is it me? Or do almost all the guides seem to be copy-pasted? /:|

Anyway, since none of my Buddies or Faction mates were online at the time, I did what I haven't done for so long...

I talked to strangers.

Yeap, I see them all the time: players who log on and type on the Group tab of their chat windows. But since most of them are beggars, spammers and verbal abusers, I never paid them any mind. And now, I'm gonna be one of them. Eek. I walked to where players are most likely to stay still long enough: the Market Manager. Well, here goes nothing...

Gatoblanca: "where is box researcher?"

Should I say 'please'? Did I sound annoying?

"over there"

OMG someone answered! O_O

Gatoblanca: "?"

"just cross that little bridge"

I gingerly walked to the closest bridge beside the MM, unsure, "here?"


I crossed, turned to the right, and I saw him.

I slapped my forehead thinking how I ran right past him. Twice. "Found him! ^^" I typed, but by the time I typed again "tnx!" he was gone. That's when I kicked myself for not getting a screenshot of him when I had the chance so I'd know his family name and thank him here.

Soon after I warped to another city, and I found this in the Group chat window:

"Where buy return sheets?"

I didn't hesitate at all, "cash shop".

"What? Sorry, I'm a noob ^^;"

Gatoblanca: "Leticia. Gpoints. Angie? :)"

"Yeah. Is there any other way?"

"As far as I know, no :(" I mean sure, you can get some return sheets from quests, but not enough for Angie, "Better get lotsa gpoints XD good luck!"

"nah, I won't get her after all"

I lol'ed, "Yeah, same reason I decided not to get her either, or Irawan," because I certainly will not back down to hours of grinding and questing and gaming, but spending?? Real money? For quests???

So as much as I would love to play the game thoroughly and finish all quests, I had to pass :(

Anyway, back to the topic: I am glad to learn that there are still a lot of gamers who are willing to help out total strangers without insulting them or calling them a n00b or laughing at them :) So from now on I have decided to help others as much as I can.

Just don't ask me for vis ;)

my Jaclina the Pirate avatars lol

Since I cosplayed Adelina the Pirate I made my avatars look like her ^^

Here's the one I made in Yahoo Avatars:

And here's the one I made in Meez :D

I'm jactinglim


This is the 3D me.
Make your own,
and we both get Coinz!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Female Ele and Emilia GET

I had this crazy idea to collect all the GE cosplayers' in-game versions XD

I started with Brunie Etienne, cosplayed by my dear Lady Ligaya.

Thanks to Baron Shindon for the card! I just got the card myself and will return it to you when we meet ingame :)

Next I got is Adelina Esperanza (cosplayed by me) thanks to Lord Azartras' help! Actually, I cosplayed Adelina the Pirate, but for now I'll just have to make do with getting Adelina Esperanza and buying her a Pirate costume (is presently thinking of making an eyepatch for her cosplay). Sigh, I only wish I could get the Pirate Hat in game as easily :( Is it tradeable? I'd buy it!!!

And then I created a Female Elementalist and an Emilia Guiliano (thanks to Lord Shiinenju) and fitted them respectively with the Robe of Fire (thanks to a Bellem's Box while hoping I'd get the Pirate Hat instead) and Sage costumes for none other than our very own E-Games cosplayers Lady DeSanggria and Lady Veya!

And here's the screenshot of my latest acquisitions (GF, cosplay Beanelli neow! :3 )

I'm still working on getting a Jean-Pierre Gascon cosplayed by Lord Dan-Pierre XD I hope it would be easy getting him his Hat!

The Shiny Armor Glitch

LOL I got this quest where I need to shine armors in Torsche Mansion and after I polished the first one the silly armor kept on er, shining even when I'm done with it. So it kept blocking my screen as I struggled around half blind XD thankfully I got rid of it by saving the location in my warp scroll, going to The Barracks, and resuming the game.

Anhela la Venganza - our FFA entry

Our MOVIE CONTEST ENTRYFeb 3, '08 10:59 PM
for everyone
The movie may be viewed here ^^ and full credits here!

YOUtube links here: movie and credits

We are very happy with how we stayed with our vision ^^

Title: Anhela La Venganza

Director: Rivermiker / Miker
Production Assistant: Gatoblaca / Jac
Game Consultant: Azarthras / Erving


Female Musketeer: Joy Bordador
Male Scout: Dan Ilano
Male Fighter: Oneal Rosero
Brunie Etienne: Jac Ting Lim
Male Wizard: Ron Rosero
Female Scout: Jac Ting Lim
Male Musketeer: Paul Catiang

Pirate Costume GET!

Pirate Costume get! :DMar 3, '08 10:24 AM
for everyone
Thank you IAH for giving us our 30,000 Gpoints!!! (And sooner than I expected!)

They gave it to us for joining their Machinima contest. I was hoping to win their gorgeous GE external disk for my new widescreen laptop ^^ I'm not sure much of the details at this point... will update when I get more info

Anyway I'm glad that I am able to buy the premium item pirate costume for my Adelina!

I'd like the ATP card itself but let's just say it's too... elusive for me at the moment :p For now I'm glad to get the costume! I only wish I can also get the hat, but if it's too difficult for me to get I'll just make an eyepatch for my cosplay. Anyway, look how much I leveled up since I got my Adelina that's my screenshot from my laptop, with the ATP wallpaper peeking

Jaclina Esperanza the Pirate signing out... NYARR! :3

Adelina GET!

Adelina GET!!!Feb 19, '08 1:12 PM
for everyone

I've been levelling up my La Coronas (my Brunie 'Joy', scout 'Beany' and male wiz 'Abelard') with Shin boosting me(until he has to go sleep ^^) when Erv offered to help me get the Adelina RNPC card :D Using the Brunie I got from Shin I went with his party Helina et al to Porto Bello and completed the quest (I find it yurilicious how I wouldn't have been able to get the card without Brunie)! I quickly replaced the male wiz with Adelina and proceeded with her story. I am pleased to find her story to be of vengeance. I took screenshots of her convo with Capt Ricardo, and improvised a few of my own...

Capt. Ricardo: "I told you I do not know where Bardi is! I only know he's here in Coimbra..."

Adelina: "Aye, me bonny lass, ye can put yer knife down now."

... Having my yuri harem in my team = WIN! (Check out the names~!)

Victorian Valentine

my Victorian Valentine Pics

Feb 17, '08 12:27 AM

I got in to the Victorian Valentine for free thanks to Ranulf ^^ I'm supposed to perform a sword demo with him but I never got enough practice so I had to beg him to perform it with someone else.

Thankfully Sam got off early from his fashion show and joined us! He performed the sword demo with Ranulf and Tom.

I got the first two photos from Sam :) I'll post more as I find them ^^ I cosplayed as Adelina Esperanza from Granado Espada. Much to the delight of all the GE fans in the event, Sam agreed to cosplay Andre Janzur for the GE Photoshoot this March!

I got there thanks to Joy (cosplaying as Brunie Etienne) and Dandan (cosplaying as Jean-Pierre) picking me up from Miker's place.

I was editing the movie there with Miker but sadly we didn't finish the revisions in time :( and Miker didn't join us, for he wishes to visit his family.

Victorian Valentine was a blast! I saw the most gorgeous people in the most gorgeous costumes I'm still squeeing the morning after :3

And us GE cosplayers had a wonderful time in the GE E-games booth, which we dubbed The Barracks.

And yes! We had yuri raep tiemz!!! Mon cheri Brunie and Bernelli harassed my dear Nikki it was delightful XD I'm so glad she agreed to join our GE cosplay photoshoot as Catherine the Summoner with our beautiful GE ladies Bea and Presea(in her delicious Elementalist outfit). True to character, Nikki quickly summoned Helena and Sasha <3 href="">Shin won as Baron (I just love how all the men looked so dashing!). We duelled over the prizes after, and I am enjoying my spoils: my GE t-shirt hehehe!

I can't wait to add more pictures! :3

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Laptop GET!

February 9, 2008

This is the day I posted about getting my laptop ^^ You can read the original post here. I have since then installed Granado Espada and Cake Mania 2 hehehe. I play GE whenever I can get online (like wherever I can get free wifi w00t!) and I play Cake Mania 2 when offline.

FFA behind the scenes

January 26, 2008

This is the day we all gathered in Rivermiker's apartment to start recording! The days prior to that saw my team brainstorming, script drafting, storyboarding and calling voice actors and an IT person to set up the network so we can record footages using 3 PCs plus Azartras' laptop.

You can see the entire album here!

Here's me directing Lady Ligaya in her part as Helina



virtual acting?

group shot in Rivermiker's bed (gasp!)