Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Girl Gamer Gathering aftermath

Going to Gamefrog was a leisurely walk for me ^^

Lady Veya greeted me at the door and hustled me in to register.

They quickly gave me the goodies ^^

Then they led me to an available PC to play GE for free!

Soon enough a staff member announced that dinner was served :)

Our crazy ideas lol!

We were introduced to Relly Carpio, who was covering the event for Inq7.net

At the end of the event I was offered free membership :D

Joy and Beany arrived late! I'm happy they came at all XD

Danfilo and Shin(with Beany) also arrived after the event. We proceeded to play G.E. while our wacky factionmates broadcast random stuff in Filipino gayspeak. The win moment was when other Pinoys joined in on the fun! ROFLMAO!

Epilogue: I found that the Bunny Ears can only be worn by basic characters (not RNPCs) so I lend it to my friends since ^^


DeSanggria said...

pwahahahaha!!! i srsly LOLed in this entry. very creative. ^^

yuri raep tiem..yuri is our name, GE is our game! >:)

Ligaya said...

ANG CUUUUUUUTE!!! ♥ {spazzes over the comics-style entry}

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh, sorry I was late. >.< If it helps maaga ako sa Domination! :P

And "yuri is our name, GE is our game! >:)" = QFT. d^V~b

Jac said...

desanggria- Thanks for commenting! Yuri wins XD

ligaya- heehee sana na lang payagan akong makapunta sa Sunday ^^

Kaye said...

Dear Jac,
You've been blogspotted! I can't find your forum user-name, Please PM me (Kaye~) on the forum so I can pass you your item of the month GIC and password!


CM Kaye

Jac said...

b-b-b-b-blogspotted?? O_O



... Thanks CM Kaye!!! ^_^

Dragonica Forum said...

Lol thats so cute!! Love it =D

Jac said...

Thanks! I had fun making this <3